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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Breakfast: rice porridge and deep-fried dough stick
Lunch: thai-noodle
Dinner: shrimp, fish with sauce, ice with red heluboy and sweetened condensed milk 🍧


Breakfast: omelet and meat balls
Lunch: hamburger, corn pie, fried, and pepsi
Dinner: fish steak


Breakfast: steamed stuff bun
Lunch: fried fish steak, fruits: guvar givi and apple
Dinner: kfc'chicken

Thursday, December 6, 2012

At Mc donal

In the morning I ate salmon. For lunch I ate 3 Ham-egg sandwish and egg tofu. After school I ate at Mc donal with Pat Yuyu Gam and JanU I ate a lot there, which is a Samurai burger, a corn pie, french fried, and ice cream. And these all I ate today.

Father's Day

I work up at 9:00 am. and I ate Mama, steamed stuff bun, and donuts. After this breakfast I went to visit my grandma at Nakhonprathom and we ate dinner together with is boil rice and other course eaten with rice. Today I ate only 2 meals. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And today is pass....

My first meal  is my lunch at school which is steam pork with rice and I ate kivi and guava. And for dinner I ate at Chinese resterant.

Monday, December 3, 2012


This morning I did not ate any thing forlinch I ate only a little bit which is vermicelli but for my dinner I ate a lot @chester grill

Yesterday, I eating a lot today

Today, on the morning 8:00am I ate jok with pork and deep-fried doughstick. About 9:00 I ate noodle with meat ball and about fifteen minuets later I ate Mama which make me full until next meal on 7:30pm which is Chinese dishes and I ate every thing that has in the order (10things). Wow!! I ate a lot today.

Day before yesterday (2days ago) :P

In the morning I ate bread with ham and fried egg.  Today I go to visit my friends at KUS my old school. For lunch I ate a lot because there are many kind of food that look delicious which is fried noodle with pork, takoyaki, meat ball, orange juice, ice cream from ice with stawberry and mango topping. For dinner I ate only Mama.